About Diana

What I am……
  • I am a connector.  I love helping people in my network find each other so they can make awesome things happen.
  • I am a problem solver. I’ve spent my whole career using my skills to sort out confusion and organize chaos, whether it’s with software systems or interpersonal issues.
  • I am a lover of people.  I have a heart to help people be their best, whether that is done by cheering someone on, being a shoulder to cry on, or being the only person in the room that will dispense a tough dose of reality.
  • I am a straight shooter. One of the finest compliments I’ve ever received in my professional career (a few times) is that I will do and say what I believe is right, even it might cost me personally.

What I am not…

  • I am not an HR drone.  I have never worked in an HR department in my life.  I have almost 20 years experience in a variety of IT product development, consulting and training roles, a few years of experience as a small business owner, and a lifetime of developing and coaching people.
  • I am not touchy-feely.  I care a lot about people, but I am not a new-agey crystals and Reiki kind of person.
  • I am not your mom, your girlfriend, or your secretary.  Transforming your career and your leadership qualities requires *work*.  I love to guide people through this – there is nothing like the high I get during a personal coaching session when a major light bulb goes off – but I am not going to drag anyone through the process. It just doesn’t work.